Fool Proof Your Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 1

Is there anything better than waking up late on a Saturday morning to pin beautiful home decor or fall-inspired outfits for the new season?

Without a tool like Tailwind, that mad-dash Pinterest session could actually be hurting your ranking and engagement.

It’s not that pinning a bunch of pins in one sitting is bad!

It’s just bad if they all are published at the same time.

Just think about it:

If you go all week without pinning anything and then all of a sudden add over a hundred pins to your boards, you’ll start to overwhelm other Pinterest users and decrease your ranking with Pinterest.

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 2

Instead, you should be using an pin scheduler that allows you to build up a private queue of pins that you want to publish over the next few days.

Once you pick a consistent pinning schedule, you can still enjoy those Saturday morning pin sessions without the guilt because it will look like you’ve been actively pinning all week!

If that’s not enough reason to start using a scheduling tool like Tailwind, we’ve got some other reasons we think you are going to love.

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 3

Why use Tailwind to grow your Pinterest?

It helps you automate your pin scheduling

Raise your hand if pin scheduling often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. We are right there with you! With so many other things on your plate as an entrepreneur, spending the time to pin a few photos and blog posts every day really adds up.

The issue isn’t carving out more time to devote to Pinterest but rather using your time on Pinterest more wisely. Then you can get more done in a shorter amount of time while you focus on other projects.

With Tailwind, you can take advantage of their automated pin scheduling tool. It gives you suggested times to post and helps you find more relevant content through their Tribes, which we’ll talk about later in this blog post.

When everything is automated, you can rest easy knowing that Tailwind is doing the work you used to do manually. While driving Pinterest traffic to your website is important, there are likely other projects in your business that deserve more of your attention. Tailwind lets you prepare and organize all of your pins in one sitting.

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 4

They are an official Pinterest partner

Are you worried that using Tailwind could mess with your rankings or engagement on Pinterest? Since Tailwind is a Pinterest partner, you are not only protected from algorithm changes but you also get to hear about them before anyone else.

Because Pinterest can quickly grow into your number one website traffic referral, it’s smart to invest in a tool that can help you get the most out of Pinterest. Tailwind will also notify you about any upcoming changes to the Pinterest platform and give you special features to help you grow your Pinterest following.

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 5

You can participate in Tailwind Tribes

Since Pinterest is moving away from group boards, Tailwind has become even more appealing with their Tailwind Tribes. You can still take advantage of the collective sharing power of Pinterest without having to rely on group boards.

One reason why Pinterest group boards get a bad rap is that it’s too easy for them to become spammy. With hundreds or sometimes thousands of members, things can get out of hand quick! Too many people pinning to the same board can result in an overwhelming Pinterest feed for many of us.

Group boards were intended to help other Pinterest users connect with one another and share various resources that they thought were worth saving, but now it’s become a place for people to only self-promote themselves. Pinterest doesn’t like this, so they’ve been recommending that people move to Tailwind Tribes.

When you join a Tailwind Tribe, you have the opportunity to share pins with other Tailwind users and access a highly curated collection of relevant pins you can pull from for your own boards. Instead of manually searching for pins to automatically schedule, you have a whole list of them to choose from in your Tailwind Tribe.

Tailwind Tribes are also meant to be more intimate, meaning that you won’t run the risk of having a lot of spammy people promoting only their own content or pinning irrelevant pins. You can even set Tribe Rules when you create a Tailwind Tribe so that people know what to expect before joining.

It’s recommended that you use a 1:1 ratio when pinning in Tailwind Tribes, meaning for every pin you share from your own blog, you should also share another person’s pin.

We seriously recommend looking more into Tailwind Tribes if you want to grow your Pinterest in an organic way. We’ll have more tips to come in the next few months about how to do this effectively, so stay tuned!

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 6

Tracking your Pinterest growth is easier with Board Insights

While Pinterest’s built-in analytics platform gives you some good stats to see how you are growing over time, nothing is better than Tailwind Board Insights. Not only can you see your overall growth, but you can also pinpoint which boards you are pinning in that are giving you the most growth.

Once you know which boards are helping you get the most engagement, you can focus your efforts on making better pins for these successful boards. You can also build stronger relationships with the bloggers and entrepreneurs who are active on each board. As you share one another’s content, you can all help each other grow.

Since pinning to boards that are inactive or irrelevant is actually harmful to your Pinterest ranking, it’s smart to use Board Insights to keep an eye on which boards are getting you the best engagement. If you are hearing crickets, it’s best to focus your attention on the boards that are getting you more attention and engagement.

Board Insights will show you the number of pins that are on each board, repins, and followers. It will also let you see the trends of each variable in the past 7 days. You are also given a Virality Score (number of repins and pins) and your overall Engagement Score (which includes pins, repins, and follower growth).

You can easily delegate Pinterest growth to a VA or team member

This is one of the things we love most about Tailwind! It’s hard to collaborate inside Pinterest as a team if multiple people are assigned to pin every day, but Tailwind makes it easy for teams to update and pin on various boards.

It’s even better if you are looking to outsource your Pinterest growth to a virtual assistant. Rather than having them manually look for pins and waste time (that you’ll ultimately be paying for!), you can empower them with a tool like Tailwind to pin more productively and consistently.

Instead of you having to take the time to train each team member or your VA on how to use Tailwind, they can look into the tool’s resources and tutorials to help them get started. This also saves you time so you can get back to being the boss while they help you grow your Pinterest.

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 7

Pinterest automation made easier with Tailwind

Since you are convinced that Tailwind is the right move for your business, it’s good to know how to get started. You can sign up for a free trial (no credit card needed!) and experiment with the tool on your own.

Check out the different Tailwind Tribes, look at the Board Insights and other analytics that are offered inside the tool, and don’t forget to test out a few pins for yourself while setting a custom pin schedule.

The more you play with it, the more you’ll forget what pinning on Pinterest was like before you started using Tailwind! It’s one of the best tools we have in our toolbelt at Get Found Stock, so we highly recommend it to all of our members and community.

We’ll have more tutorials, case studies, and how-to posts to come in the next few months, but we’d love to hear what you think of the tool after experimenting with it on your own in the comments!

Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 8
Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind 9
Fool Proof Your  Pinterest Scheduling With Tailwind
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