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Welcome, Pinner! Here is where you’ll find all our blog posts related to creating a Pinterest marketing strategy.

At Get Found Stock, we LOVE Pinterest and we love teaching small business owners about it even more! From Pinterest analytics to pinning your content to Tailwind scheduling, we can help you get started!

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What is Pinterest marketing?

Marketing with Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to get blog traffic when you are first starting your blog. Setting up your Pinterest account as a business account is the first step. What is Pinterest? How to use it to make money? Is Pinterest good for marketing? What are some tips for using Pinterest effectively? We have you covered! Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms. It is so important for your social media marketing and getting your blog free traffic.

How should I start using Pinterest for business? How can Pinterest help my business?

These are great questions to ask for tips on how to use Pinterest for your business. Pinterest marketing is the quickest and easiest way to get in front of your target audience. You can also get loads of free blog traffic that new bloggers are dependent on. 

To get the most amount of repins and traffic for your website start with Pinterest group boards. You can also use tailwind tribes to really boost your Pinterest monthly views. 

Pinterest for bloggers is crucial. 

As soon as you start your blog convert your Pinterest to a business account. This way you can get Pinterest analytics as well as buyable pins. Adds on Pinterest are way cheaper than Facebook ads and easier to set up.

When starting a blog Pinterest is a way to get loads of traffic to a blog post. Even if you do not have external links. This is how bloggers use Pinterest and it is crucial to have a Pinterest marketing strategy. 

Pinterest strategy

Your Pinterest strategy can be pinning a lot of pins of just a few pins a day but it comes down to pin quality and the number of pins you pin a day. 

What is the best marketing strategies for Pinterest in 2019?

Your Pinterest SEO is important but Pinterest group boards are also something not to be overlooked. Group boards are when you and other Pinterest accounts pin to the same board so you can get more impressions and traffic to your pin. 

What are the best tips to use Pinterest for SEO?

Getting traffic from Pinterest for free is my favorite part of my Pinterest strategy. You can set up your Pinterest account to get easy and free referral traffic. Which is great for beginning a blog

The first thing to do is to verify your blog and set up rich pins. This will be the first step to showing up in search results and bring traffic to your blog.

When you are getting ready to publish your blog post make sure to write SEO friendly pin descriptions for your Pinterest image.

After you publish your blog post-check-in Pinterest analytics to see how well your Pinterest profile and Pinterest marketing is performing. If your pin is performing well loads of Pinterest users will be engaging with your pins. Getting more impressions for your new blog post. If you have just started a blog and do not have a lot of organic traffic you can run a promoted pin campaign to get even more free traffic.

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