Why Instagram Engagement is so Important

Instagram engagement is the KEY to your Instagram success! Not only do brands looking for Instagram Influencers rely heavily on it but Instagram uses it as its key tool on deciding how many impressions your Instagram posts get.

What does a girl have to do to see some Instagram growth?!

You’ve tried everything you can possibly think of.

Meanwhile, you scroll through Instagram comparing yourself to everyone else in your niche. Everyone seems to have twice as many followers as you…

Is it because of their hair, or have they perfected their selfie angle?

Seriously, you are ready to try just about anything at this point.

Why isn’t your follower count growing?

If you go to someone’s Instagram profile and see they have more than 50k followers, do you immediately think they are more successful than someone who has 10k followers?

Most of us would say yes at a quick glance, but more followers don’t always equal more income or more influence.

News flash: having a lot of followers just for the sake of having bigger numbers is actually bad for your Instagram health. It will tank your engagement rates, meaning less of your actual loyal followers won’t see your content in their feed.

Influence on Instagram comes down to your engagement, not your follower count.

Instagram prioritizes engagement over follower count

Your follower count is sometimes referred to as a “vanity metric”. This means that it is something that can be measured but doesn’t necessarily help your business. There are people with hundreds of thousands of followers who are making less income than people with a few thousands.

You don’t need millions of followers to make an impact on Instagram. Instead of focusing on growing your follower count, focus your attention on increasing your Instagram engagement.

Instagram engagement refers to how many people interact with your Instagram post. This can be through a like, comment, DM, or interaction with your Instagram stories. When you inspire your audience to take action, Instagram sees this as you creating valuable content.

When your content is seen as valuable, Instagram will prioritize it and show it to more of your followers within their home feeds. They will also show it more on their Explore page and possibly feature it as a Top Post if it gets high engagement in a relatively small amount of time.

Whenever Instagram cares about something, we should care about it too! Even though engagement is thrown around like an overused buzzword, it’s incredibly important to our success on Instagram. Understanding how to increase your Instagram engagement with

Organically Grow your Instagram engagement by focusing more on comments than likes

Let’s face it: ALL of us are interested in getting likes on our Instagram photos. It feels good to see the likes start to pour in, but likes can only tell us so much. Likes will increase your overall engagement, but comments will increase it even more.

Think about when you scroll through your home feed. What action takes more time: leaving a comment on someone’s photo or double tapping to like their photo? Since commenting takes more effort, it is seen as a higher engagement on Instagram, but you need both likes and comments to be successful on Instagram.

By putting an emphasis on comments, you are able to turn your photo into a conversation starter. It will make your content feel more interactive, which will help when you tell engaging stories through your Instagram feed.

To encourage more followers to comment on your photos, you can:


  • ask questions at the end of your caption to get people talking

  • include hashtags so you can reach a wider audience that may comment on your post

  • host a giveaway that gets people interacting with you and one another in the comments

Start conversations instead of monologues to boost Instagram engagement

You’ve probably heard people say “social media is meant to be social”, but it surprising how often we can forget this. Since we see many influencers who post pretty images and never reply back to comments, it might be tempting to do the same, but then we are missing out on the true power of Instagram!

To use Instagram to its fullest potential, we need to focus on starting conversations instead of only using it as a platform for our own message. Everything you share should have a purpose behind it, whether it is to educate or entertain or personally connect with your audience.

It’s not that monologues are inherently bad. They just aren’t any fun since you don’t have a chance to get to know your audience. Without an opportunity to connect with your followers, you won’t be able to get their feedback.

Without great audience feedback, you’ll have a harder time creating profitable products and services because you don’t know what they actually want and need. By having conversations with them, you’re able to ask them what they think, what they are currently loving (and hating), and how you can better your customer or client experience.

Some of our best membership features have come from listening to audience feedback on Instagram! After hearing that many of our followers were struggling with how to create consistent social media content, we added a monthly editorial calendar with 30+ content prompts so our members don’t have to struggle with what to post and what kind of caption they should write.

If we never tried to connect with our Instagram followers and only used it as a place to share our stock photos, we wouldn’t have known what could really help our audience inside our membership community.

How will you prioritize your Instagram engagement?

Now you can see why it’s better to focus your attention on creating better Instagram engagement rather than merely increasing your follower count.

You don’t necessarily need more followers to be successful on Instagram, but rather need more of the followers you already have to start talking with you. That’s how you build a sustainable, highly engaged audience that is ready to buy from you.

Here are a few more resources to help you win over your Instagram community:

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