How to add a swipe up to your instagram stories

Having a swipe up link in your Instagram Stories is a pretty big deal. Other than the single link in your bio, this is the only other place that you can have a clickable link in your Instagram account (you can add links to IGTV video but that’s a whoooooole other blog post!) We are going to walk you through how to add a swipe up to your Instagram stories.

With the swipe up feature, you can add links to your stories that allow people to click on a URL from inside your stories. Once you get that chain link icon you can use the swipe up feature for pretty much anything you want – maybe you’ve just launched a new eBook and want to be able to direct people to your sales page? Maybe you just wrote an amazing new blog post or launched a new service and want to direct people to your website with a single click. Last but not least for 24 hours you can leave your affiliate links in your Instagram stories

Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone has access to this feature. You either need to be a verified account OR have a business account with more than 10,000 followers. Don’t worry if you don’t have 10,000 followers just yet, we have LOTs of resources to help you grow your account and gain more followers: 

Still with me and ready to learn more about adding the swipe up feature in your stories? Let’s get into it.

Why is the swipe up feature so powerful?

As I just mentioned, the only other place that you can add a clickable link to your Instagram account is in your bio.

Whilst that link in your bio is better than having NO clickable links, it comes with its own problems. Firstly, its only one link so you need to be strategic in how you use it. Will you update it regularly? Will you create a landing page on your website or use a tool like Linktree to showcase multiple links in one place? Will you just include a link to your homepage and hope people can find what they need from there? 

Secondly, how on Earth do you get people to actually click on that link? Unless someone has gone to your profile to read your bio and purposefully search for a link to your website, chances are that you are directing them to the link in your bio from somewhere else. Maybe they are scrolling through their feed and your caption says #linkinbio, or maybe they’re watching your stories and see the “link in bio” sticker flashing on your latest story. Either way, they need to stop what they are doing, navigate to your profile and then click through to your link. 

Whilst that might not sound like too much effort, ask yourself when the last time you made the effort to complete those steps was? Or do you just tend to scroll on by when you see that #linkinbio? 

Being able to add a swipe up link to your Instagram Stories solves this problem. You can tell your audience about your amazing new blog post or latest course launch and they can click on the link right there and then. Because of this instant action, the swipe up feature is a great way to drive traffic to your website. 

So, now you know the benefits of using the swipe up feature, how exactly do you add it to your stories? 

How to Use the Swipe-Up Feature in Instagram Stories

How to Use the Swipe-Up Feature in Instagram Stories

  1. Create your story

    How to add a swipe up to your instagram stories 1

    Start by creating your Instagram Story in the usual way. Click on the camera icon in the top left-hand corner and add your content e.g. an image, a video, a GIF, stickers, text, etc. 

  2. Add your URL

    How to add a swipe up to your instagram stories 2

    In the list of tool icons you will see a chain icon. Click on this and a new page will open where you can enter the URL that you want to add to your swipe up. Add your link and remember to press “done” to confirm. 

  3. Add a call to action

    How to add a swipe up to your instagram stories 3

    Encourage your followers to use the swipe up and click on your link by adding a strong call-to-action. Try using a GIF or sticker that tells people to swipe up for added impact!

    Here are some great examples of people adding text and stickers to their story to encourage people to swipe up and click the link: 

  4. Publish your story!

    That’s all there is to it. You’re ready to share your story with your followers now! 

    Want to know how to make the most of your Instagram Stories? Check out our list of 10 easy Instagram Story ideas here

Ready to grow your Instagram?

If you’re not at the 10,000 follower mark just yet and you’re looking for fun, actionable ways to continue to grow your account (and get that awesome swipe up feature), sign up to our free Instagram course here. 

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