Ultimate Guide to Getting More Instagram Story Views

Ig stories are the best way to tell your brand story on Instagram and get the attention of your target audience. But if you only get a few Instagram story views each time it can be really frustrating and will leave your cursing the Instagram algorithm gods. That’s why this guide will walk you thought how to correctly use stories so you have a plan to grow your Instagram followers and account in 2020! So if you are ready to get more ig story views keep reading!

What if the secret to higher engagement on Instagram doesn’t have to do with your feed?

So we are going to deep dive into Instagram Stories!

Your Instagram feed is only one piece of the Instagram engagement puzzle. If you are like us you are checking every 5 seconds who views your Instagram stories and some times the lack of views can really get to you.

You can’t just upload a few square-cropped photos, add a witty caption, and call it good for the day. That was Instagram circa 2014-2015.

2020 Instagram is a whole other beast.

Along with your feed, you also have Instagram stories to create.

While this may be creating you instant anxiety and want to give up right away I am going to tell you Instagram stories are your friend and really no one cares about what your hair and makeup looks like or if your voice sounds weird.

Well, maybe they do.. But if they do you do not want them following you anyways because they are mean… 🙁

What is an Instagram story?

If you’re wondering what in the world an Instagram story is, we’re happy to give you the 411. An Instagram story is a collection of video clips and photos that are available for public viewing for 24 hours.

Stories were first introduced on Snapchat, but then Facebook and Instagram borrowed the feature several months later.

Instagram stories are a great way to engage your audience and show a behind-the-scenes look at how you run your business.

Since you’ll want to keep your feed aesthetically pleasing, your stories can show the unfiltered, highly personable side of your business.

If you’ve been neglecting your Instagram stories, today is a reminder to get back into it! But don’t worry you are not alone.

If you haven’t started to create Instagram stories for your business at all yet, today’s blog post will give you even more of a reason to do so.

But hold up, wait a minute!

Before jumping into the stories feature, let’s make sure you know how to actually get your audience to engage with the content you’re creating from the get-go.

How to get more Instagram Story views

Ask your Instagram audience a question

One of the most simple ways to engage with your audience through Instagram stories is by asking them a simple, direct question.

You can do this either by typing your question and placing it over a photo, or you can create your own graphic with the question already designed on it.

While both of these strategies work, our favorite way to ask a question on Instagram stories is by taking a selfie video and asking the question aloud. As you can imagine, it is far more engaging than a graphic your followers can quickly flip through.

If you ask your followers a question on video, make sure you also type it in using the text feature so people know what you’re asking even if you’re on mute. Not everyone listens to their Instagram stories with the sound turned on so it’s smart to ask both ways.

When you ask a question over video or through a graphic, tell people how to answer you! If you ask a question but don’t give your followers the next step, they may not know how you want them to answer.

Instead, move to the private message box below the Instagram story video or add arrows to highlight the message box. You can also type “DM me”, which tells followers to direct message you in the box below.

Create an Instagram story poll

Are you loving the idea of asking your audience questions? If you have a simple yes/no question, you’ll get more interaction if you create a poll.

When you create a poll in your Instagram story, you’re able to see how your followers vote on specific options. You can use polls for market research (like asking if they’re interested in your new product idea) or to show the fun, more personal side of your brand (like asking if they prefer coffee or tea).

We absolutely love using polls to see what our audience wants more of! It also cuts down on the amount of private messages we have to reply to, which our social media manager greatly appreciates.

Want to get started with Instagram polls? Open your Instagram story and hit the smiley face button in the top right. Then hit the “Poll” option to write your question and choose your answers. “Yes” and “no” automatically pop up but you can customize your answers to say anything.

Tag your location

Many bloggers do this with photos in their Instagram feed, but did you know it can help you grow your audience if you tag your location on Instagram stories too?

Whether you’re traveling to a far off country or simply enjoying a latte at your favorite local coffee shop, you have the option of tagging your location within your Instagram story.

Tagging your location will help others locate where you are and can kick-start conversations with your audience members about the place or destination.

Simply click the smiley face button in the top right of your Instagram story and select “Location”. It should automatically generate your location if you’ve given Instagram permission to see where you are with your phone’s internal GPS. Neat, huh?

Open the power of re-share

Opportunities are you have a lot of material that you already cooperated various other means or on various other platforms. Also, there might be a great deal of material other people have actually shared as well as tagged you in. You can make use of all these sources and also repost several of the most effective items on Instagram Stories.

Allow me to explain the above statements in simply a couple of expressions.

Let’s state that you mark one more user on your Tale. He or she can follow up on the mention as well as reshare your web content on their Stories. Moreover, you can also ask your target market to do so and thus, increase your reach every single time you upload brand-new content. There are a lot of firms and experts that do so. Podcasters, specifically, are well known for their method of asking their fans to identify their material on Stories to ensure that they can reshare it and also provide social proof to their followers.

Bear in mind, nonetheless, that you can mark a maximum of 10 people on each slide of your Tale. Use this number in an efficient and visually enticing way.

Ultimately, if you wish to take a look at exactly how a tag-reshare partnership jobs, right here’s an example:

Share and create other types of content

Do not just keep sharing the same types of content over and over again. This is the first way to 1.) get in and insta rut but also bore your audience and the instagram algorithm. Using Instagram stories is the best way to add multiple photos to your Instagram asap.

Use popular stickers to engage your audience

Use Lots of stickers!!!

Stories is an outstanding attribute for interacting with your target market. With IG tales, you can improve interaction via surveys, questions, emoji sliders, and all kinds of stickers.


They’re extremely easy to set up as well as fun to deal with. Additionally, they might assist you to obtain vital and important information from your target market. Here’s an instance, courtesy of 

Why are polls an excellent choice?

Since they open up a new two-way communication channel with your target market, it’s. With surveys, you can let individuals pick particular facets of your service or product, solution inquiries and, at the same time, find out more about their preferences regarding specific subjects.

You can additionally make use of the polls as well as other similar tags and integrate them utilizing your imagination.

Create Games with Insta Stories

An additional wonderful instance in this category originates from a joint venture in between Bacardi as well as Swizz Beatz. These two businesses used Instagram Stories in order to develop and also share a brand-new sort of musical experience that lets their audience imitate DJ mixing as well as play with various beats and also sounds.

There are a lot of games you can have fun with your target market through Instagram Stories. We are not referring to standard video games but rather, to a new type of interaction only visuals and also widgets can develop. They’re a lot of enjoyable and, most significantly, involving.

Other fun sticker choices you can select from:

Emoji Slider

This is yet an additional excellent option that you can utilize to make best use of audience interaction. You can ask any kind of concern and then use the slider to get a fast, visual action from your fans.

The Question sticker

It allows you to involve the target market even more by providing the chance to ask you inquiries on topics associated with your service. You can use IG Stories for the inquiries as well as upload your responses via this channel as well. We suggest, however, to identify the users that you communicate with. This enhances the possibilities of them reposting your content.

The Countdown Sticker

This is an extremely valuable function when you reveal an item launch, a brand-new solution, or a major sale. It can be utilized during competitions also to remind your target market how much time they have actually entrusted to go into.

They might help you to obtain useful as well as vital details from your target market. There are a whole lot of video games you can play with your target market via Instagram Stories. We are not referring to conventional video games but rather, to a new type of interaction just visuals and widgets can produce. It enables you to include the target market even extra by providing them the chance to ask you concerns on subjects related to your organization. You can utilize IG Stories for the concerns and publish your responses via this network.

Share Limited time offers

People enjoy discounts and recognize just how to differentiate the excellent ones from the not-so-great ones. Whether it’s a sale, a massive discount rate, or a giveaway, you can advertise it via Instagram Stories.

What can you promote using IG Stories? Right here are a few of the very best examples to get inspiration from:

A. Discount rates and also promotions

B. Giveaways:

Do you intend to offer a fantastic reward to your target market? Do you intend on running a free gift as a component of your advertising and marketing method? If the response is yes, after that you can do it conveniently via Instagram Stories.

Below’s an instance from Kapten & Boy:

This attribute might assist you to promote your ideal products, while at the exact same time enhancing IG referrals to your site.

The easiest method to integrate a shoppable brochure on IG is via BigCommerce’s platform. The system recently announced that purchasing in Instagram Stories is now readily available for every one of their clients.

Spearmint Love, a brand that offers clothing for babies, saw that their reference traffic from Instagram boosted nearly 13% since the firm decided to trying out this new function, according to John Lott, the firm’s CFO. “The combination has actually been seamless,” he keeps in mind. “It is easy to tag items and also drive clients straight to the product web page right from Instagram.”

If the answer is of course, then you can do it conveniently using Instagram Stories.

Spearmint Love, a brand that offers garments for children, discovered that their reference web traffic from Instagram boosted nearly 13% given that the business determined to experiment with this brand-new attribute, according to John Lott, the company’s CFO. “It is simple to tag products and drive consumers straight to the item page right from Instagram.”

Use Instagram Ads

There more than 15 million organization accounts on Instagram, and also over 2 million marketers. You should additionally end up being a marketer on Instagram if you have a budget plan for these kinds of expenses.

The following example comes from Spotify as well as encompasses everything you require to discover properly dealing with a target market by means of Instagram Stories advertisements. As you can see, the message is clear, the aesthetic design is enjoyable, adjusted to the business’s target market, and also the shade palette makes it nearly difficult to miss out on.

Why? Ads can help you reach new audiences and gather fans and fans faster as well as more effective than if you were to do it via regular articles. All you need is a spending plan and also, certainly, a clear vision for the layouts, a clear message, and also appealing CTAs.

IG Stories advertisements show up completely screen to the visitor, much like a regular tale. This way, if you produce these advertisements with the individual in mind, you can make them seem like part of their Stories feed, rather than an intrusive ad. If you desire your ads to produce leads (and also we declare you want this), not being intrusive is extremely crucial.

Therefore, if you can incorporate the advertisement with something comparable to what we have actually discussed previously in the “minimal deal” chapter, the outcomes will be even better. It’s essential to make them worth it because video ads only last for 10 secs. This suggests you require readability, a clear CTA, and also an effective visual influence on the visitor right from the initial second.

Share your behind the scenes

Stories are the most effective place to publish teasers. You can stun your target market with a new piece of material by providing a quick preview to it by posting a collection of photos that are partially unveiled. This is a common, simple task for a skilled developer, but what about everyone else?

Well, IG Stories enables you to do this with marginal initiative and in simply a few secs. Exactly how?

First, upload your picture. After that, select a color with the shade picker and tap on the attracting pencil. Hold it on the display and color a considerable part of your image (preferably, greater than 50%). Then, save the image and publish it as the initial slide of a Tale. Finally, use the eraser tool to erase some of the shades for the next slide and also repeat the process till you publish the final image without the illustrations.

Utilize the superzoom feature

This is yet one more attribute offered on Instagram Stories, one that we have actually not yet had the opportunity to point out in this write-up. It’s called “superzoom” and also it makes a terrific enhancement to your imaginative process by permitting you to quickly develop a tale around a single image or a single idea.

How to utilize the superzoom feature?

Open your Instagram account and create a brand-new IG Tale. Swipe left for even more options and cycle via them till you reach the superzoom attribute. Press the cam button and start shooting.

When you feel like you don’t have enough content for a story, this feature it permits you to conserve a lot of time with your innovative process as well as quicken it especially. It will certainly assist you to obtain even more sights because you will certainly have the ability to produce tales from solitary images as well as hence, generate material also when you don’t have something to incorporate right into multiple slides.

Highlight your best ig stories:

One of the most valuable enhancements launched to match the Instagram Stories function is the “Emphasizes” section. Here, you can save any type of story that you wish to keep completely so your audience can go watch it at any time they want. As you may already know, Stories disappear 1 day after they have actually been uploaded. With Emphasizes, you can conserve them for as lengthy as you want, hence changing them from unstable into long-term web content.

Share Spotify songs and also podcasts on your tales

Music has the capacity to unite people in methods absolutely nothing else can. We recommend using this suggestion just if you recognize your audience very well and also recognize that you share similar passions with them. You can use this psychological technique to get to them simpler as well as much faster if this is the case.

How do you share your songs?

Well, things are fairly easy. All you require to do is to open up the Spotify application, touch the “Share” menu, as well as click “Instagram Stories”. This action will open a brand-new web page where you can include subtitles, stickers and also many various other functions details to Instagram. Once you are done, click on “Article to Tale” and be finished with it.

After you publish your web content, your followers and also fans will be able to click on the “Use Spotify” option offered on the upper-left edge of the screen and pay attention to the playlist you shared.

Do a once a week live session

IG live sessions have actually become a success in the last couple of years. They are available on YouTube, Facebook, and also they get on their means to replacing traditional TV programs. When you organize an online video, you will certainly have the ability to obtain demands from buddies that want to join your stream.

Additionally, each time you host a real-time video session, you will certainly be able to see if there are other people who intend to sign up with. You will receive a notification for every of these customers in the remarks section. In order to permit them to sign up with, just tap the “View” button.

Give your audience branded web content

Top-quality web content will constantly be a good choice for an advertising project if you are doing it the proper way. Anything that is branded is a great choice right here, hashtags consisted of. You can utilize images, videos, behind the scenes, as well as even screenshots as long as you believe they are fitted for your audience as well as the message you wish to send out.

The important thing is to inform individuals to label your account to make sure that you will certainly have the ability to repost their shares.

Utilize the kind setting feature for a balanced IG tale

Excellent typography can be fairly aesthetically appealing when it pertains to readability and also providing an easy and also effective message.

Create Cultivate is an excellent example in this case, therefore are their text-based Stories.

Instagram articles and tales can be utilized to share details. Despite the fact that the platform is generally made use of for visuals, it can assist your advertising method if you publish only message content once in a while.

In order to make your Stories slides look far better when you upload text-based messages, it is important to add to their readability. And also, the most convenient method to do so is by using the message alignment feature offered on Instagram.

.Examination, examine, contrast, repeat

Finally, once you shared a great quantity of material on Instagram Stories, you can start taking a look at your analytics. Evaluate each of your tales in particular as well as all your activity generally. Assess interactions, impressions, reach, etc. Contrast each of your Stories with other stories you released and also, if possible, with your competition’s material circulation.

The very first thing you require to understand at this point is that you require an Instagram Organisation account in order to access the “Insights” function where you can determine your success. Once you arrive, below are some of the very best metrics that may be handy:

Final thought

Instagram is a powerful system when it comes to advertising and marketing. A lot more, Stories give you with a efficient as well as an easy framework to provide beneficial and honest details to your target market, details that was not tampered with, and are genuine in every method.

He or she can adhere to up on the reference and also reshare your material on their Stories. You can also ask your audience to do so as well as thus, boost your reach every time you post brand-new content. Podcasters, in certain, are well recognized for their approach of asking their followers to tag their material on Stories so that they can reshare it and also offer social proof to their followers.

With this post, we have tried to identify some of the most effective techniques you can make use of in order to boost your Instagram target market with Stories, to find new as well as improved means to use this function and also improve your views. Effective marketing as well as effective branding begin with making the right decisions relating to the choice of web content you wish to create and just how you want to supply it.

Include a relevant hashtag

 Think hashtags can only be used to grow your Instagram through your feed? Think again! Instagram recently launched a new update to their hashtag search pages.

Now when you search for a specific hashtag, you’ll not only see all of the top posts and most recent photos with the hashtag, but you’ll also see a hashtag stories feature at the top.

When you click on the hashtag story, it opens an automatically generated collection of Instagram story clips that have happened within the last 24 hours. The more views and interactions your story clip gets, the more likely you’ll be featured on the main hashtag story.

If you want a list of the best Instagram hashtags download our FREE guide here to get you started on growing your Instagram engagement and getting your IG stories seen by more eyeballs.

It’s a whole new way to reach your target audience! While this hashtag search page update is still relatively new, we love the possibilities it offers.

Want even more Instagram engagement?

Join our Facebook Community devoted to growing and leveraging your instagram!

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