How to Create Your Own Instagram Editorial Calendar

Consistency is king on Instagram. 

Or should we say queen?

When you start building an audience on Instagram, you’ll start to attract people who want to regularly hear from you. This is why it’s so important to offer free value so you can entice people to sign up for your email list or buy your offerings.

So why do you need an editorial calendar?

As you build trust through the free content, you’ll want to stay regularly visible. If you post daily for a solid month and then only post once a week (or even once a month), people will start to wonder what happened to you.

This is because your Instagram content has the best chance of being seen if you post regularly. The algorithm prioritizes quality content that’s posted consistently with your followers’ feeds.

If you’re struggling to create consistent content, an editorial calendar can help in a big way. Editorial calendars give you a central place to organize all of your Instagram content and create a schedule for when your content will be published.

When you create content ahead of time, you can be more strategic with what you’re writing and designing. Have you ever tried to create a blog post or newsletter a few hours before your deadline? It’s tough to get the creative juices flowing. The same is true for Instagram content.

Still aren’t convinced that Instagram editorial calendars are worth your time? I have four key reasons why they are.

Editorial calendars keep you accountable

Nothing keeps you more accountable than having a deadline. I recommend using a tool like Later or Planoly to help you create a schedule-based editorial calendar.

Both tools allow you to plan out your content in advance so it’s as easy as pressing the publish button. With editorial calendars already built in, you can focus on creating visually appealing content that also packs a punch in the caption.

Planoly is even better since it lets you drag-and-drop your collection of photos so you can plan the perfect grid. It’s a big favorite of ours at Get Found Stock!

Editorial calendars keep you organized

Rather than wondering about what you should cover from week to week, your Instagram editorial calendar will help you stay organized as you put all of your ideas in one place. A great place to start is by creating categories within your editorial calendar.

Why do you need Instagram categories? It will help you organize your brain dump sessions into larger umbrellas where all of your ideas can be filed under.

Here are some example categories:

  • Styled stock photos (Psst… we’ve got you covered with our Stock Shop!)
  • Travel or leisure shots
  • Self-portraits (because people love to see who’s behind the brand!)
  • Health and fitness tips
  • Everyday lifestyle photos
  • Behind-the-scenes captures

There are all sorts of categories you can choose from. Once you narrow it down to 4-6 categories, you can start brainstorming how you want to weave them into your editorial calendar.

You may decide you want to share a photo of yourself every Friday with the popular hashtag #fridayintroductions so you can continue to meet new creatives in the Instagram community.  Maybe you want to share a fashion or style tip every week for “Wardrobe Wednesday”.

All of these categories will help you organize your content in an intuitive way, not only for captions but also for your visual content. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Editorial calendars help you stay on topic

Do you find yourself trailing off on tangents when you write? I’m right there with you!

To reign it back in, try operating from an editorial calendar instead. You can create categories, like we talked above, to help with this. Then you always have a specific topic to stick to without having to worry about exactly what you’re going to write.

If you need to brainstorm what topics you want to cover on Instagram, it’s best to schedule some time (with no technology distractions!) to brainstorm new ideas. Set aside 10 minutes to jot down your ideas in a notebook or journal, then take a break before you come back with fresh eyes.

Now you can start to put each idea underneath its related category. If it doesn’t fit under any of your categories, ask yourself if it’s still relevant to your audience. If so, you can put it off to the side but keep it to revisit later. If not, you can delete it or cross it off the page so it doesn’t distract you.

It’s always best to start writing Instagram captions with a clear subject in mind. It keeps your captions more focused, making your content more valuable.

Editorial calendars help you create successful launches

When you’re planning out the launch of your next product or service offering, having an Instagram editorial calendar makes life SO. MUCH. EASIER. Trust me on this. I live and die by my Instagram editorial calendar when launching new courses and membership goodies.

Since your editorial calendar helps you stick to a schedule already, you’ll have a built-in calendar of what you need to post and when. You can also slightly tweak your categories during a launch depending on what you’re promoting.

Writing your Instagram captions and planning your grid in a tool like Later or Planoly will be a breeze once you create your Instagram editorial calendar.

Let’s help you get a head start with some ideas:

  • Month before launch: Start teasing your audience with the topic you’ll be covering. Give a behind-the-scenes look into what you’re working on. Share tips and advice around the subject. Send Instagram followers to your email list so they can sign up for more updates.
  • Week before launch: Officially announce the launch of your specific offering and talk about what it is and who it’s for. Create and promote an email opt-in around the subject of your offering. Give sneak peeks of your sales page design before you launch.
  • Week of launch: Use your Instagram captions to point followers to the sales page for your offering. Have celebratory shots mixed within your feed (like champagne popping, confetti throwing, that kind of thing). Host a Q&A to answer questions about your newest offering. Walk your followers through a past customer or client example.

Wow, that will give you enough to work on!

In the meantime, snag our Instagram Editorial Calendar freebie. It’s normally exclusive to our membership community members, but we’ll give you a small taste of what our members get access to. You’re welcome. *wink*

Click here for your Editorial Calendar Freebie!

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