Instagram Influencer Tips They Don’t Want You to Know

We put together our top Instagram influencer tips to share with all of you!!! We hope it helps grow your Instagram followers and your Instagram engagement.

“What does she have that I don’t have? You may be wondering about tips from Instagram influencers?”

This question comes up as soon as we open up our Instagram app. It’s hard to get ourselves out of the comparison game when we’re scrolling through Instagram.

We see a whole list of people who have hundreds of thousands (or even millions!) of follower and wonder what they did to get there.

While we may not know the specifics behind their story, we can look at what all of these influencers have in common.

This is the best way to beat envy and actually learn some key takeaways from the best of the best. Does Instagram feel better already?!

Since we believe in community over competition here, we want to share some of the best things we’ve learned from analyzing over 100 profiles of Instagram influencers.


Instagram influencer tips

Instagram profile photos

If you look across some of the most well-known Instagram influencers, you may notice that their profile photos are very bright with a solid background. Wearing a white, black, or neutral colored shirt with a bright background works perfectly.

Bold colors help your profile photo stand out in a sea of photos, and a solid background won’t distract from your face. If you try to take a photo in a wooded area or against busy wallpaper, you’ll stand out for the wrong reasons.

Profile photos are also best when the person is animated and showing the more enthusiastic side of their personality. This may be a surprised face, a candid laugh, or another kind of wild expression.

You may also notice that influencers often have high contrast makeup or accessories, like bright red lips or playful glasses. Have fun with what you choose! Just make sure it feels authentic to you and something you’d actually wear.

Instagram bios

Instagram influencers with over 100,000 followers have a fairly similar format for their Instagram bios. They like to break up their bio information into easy-to-read bullet points with only the most important information added.

They also use emojis for visual interest and to add a bit of flair. Maybe you have a few signature emojis that you always trade back and forth with friends, or there may be a perfect emoji to fit what you offer in your business.

Also, many influencers have their email in their Instagram bio to make it easier for brands and other collaborators to contact them straight from the profile rather than having to visit their website to get the contact information.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Instagram bio link. You may be wondering how in the world you’re going to choose just one link to place in your bio. What if I told you that you don’t have to choose only one?

That’s right! Most influencers use a site called to create a landing page-style profile where they can upload multiple custom links. This helps every visitor find exactly what they need and increase your traffic.

Instagram grid

For their Instagram grids, Instagram influencers often have a consistent theme among all of their images. Even if you were to see their photos separately displayed in your Explore feed, you’d instantly know it was them just by their style.

A great way to emulate this is to edit your photos with the same set of filters and elements each time you post a photo. I recommend using A Color Story to do this, which is what I use on all of my Instagram photos. It works like a charm!

You’ll also notice that many Instagram influencers tips are to have plenty of white space and breathing room. Having too many elements in a photo is a quick way for your grid to feel cluttered. With minimalist aesthetics at an all-time high, it’s important to keep the clutter away from your grid.

I’ve also noticed that not only are bright whites doing well on Instagram among influencers, but there’s also a trend to using heavy saturation. This means the warmer colors in your photos become even warmer. We’ll keep an eye on this trend and report back with how it performs throughout 2019!

Instagram content

There are a few different tips to optimizing your Instagram content like an Instagram influencer, so we’ll dive into each one. Hopefully you’ve been taking some notes so far because it’s about to get even better!

Instagram influencers often tip to include a specific location on every photo. You’ll see this used even more among travel bloggers and influencers. This helps visitors in your areas find you so you can reach a new audience.

Influencers will also tag many users within their photo. The tags will be relevant to the theme of the photo but won’t necessarily be just for people in the photo. Some influencers tag curated accounts that are relevant to their niche or brands that are featured in the image.

Long Instagram captions are now performing better, meaning that Instagram influencers will often use their Instagram feed as a microblog to share their stories and best tips. They may also include a question for their audience to answer or give another call-to-action that leads followers to their bio link.

Instagram stories

It’s no surprise, especially with the new Instagram algorithm which prioritizes Instagram stories, that more influencers are using Instagram stories to engage with their audience and share branded content. We see Instagram influencer use these tips

As we see from influencers, there’s no real right or wrong way to use Instagram stories. It’s only recommended that you stay away from making stories too political or polarizing.

Personal stories are being mixed with business stories more and more, so it’s important to share the more transparent side of your business to make an impact. Instagram Influencers also use Instagram stories to show their face through video clips. We’ll continue to see selfie videos this year!

Even with showing their face, instagram influencers know how important it is to write copy on their videos so people who aren’t able to listen in still get the info. When you do this well, you’re able to grow your story views quickly.

Blog posts are now being worked into Instagram stories. This is a great way to repurpose content you’ve already created, just in a different medium. We love this trend!  

Another pro tip is that we’ve noticed the more you watch other people’s stories, the more other people watch yours. So get viewing, friends! 

If you want to take these Instagram influencer tips to the next level here are some other blog posts to help you learn more:

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