How to Start getting Massive Amounts of Comments on Your Instagram Posts

You don’t need an instagram bot to get a large number of instagram likes and comments. to get social proof and increase your instagram the key is to leave a comment. Not a comment you have copied and pasted but custom comments. Instagram users love this and will love checking your instagram account out. The real instagram magic happens when you start focusing on your impressions or engagement rate and start connecting with real people. Like on all social media channels.

If you have to make one more tweak to your Instagram post…

How can it be that after rearranging your Instagram grid and making dozens of edits to your caption, no one is commenting?

As you scroll through your home feed, you might see other entrepreneurs who are getting hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of comments… how do they do it?

You aren’t asking for much. You just want a sliver of the engagement they get.

How on earth do they consistently get their audience to engage?

Well, first off, it took a lot of time and effort. You probably hear that a lot, but it’s true. No one starts out with that many comments. Well, unless you’re a Kardashian.

Since we aren’t, we have to build our Instagram engagement the old-fashioned way: by inspiring our community to talk with us.

Inside our membership community, we often hear that our members want to increase their comments even more than their likes. The double tapped likes feel good, but comments feel way better.

When someone comments on your post, you feel seen, heard, and known. You feel like other people out there understand where you’re coming from and notice the work you are putting out into the world.

Comments don’t just feel better; they ARE better! Instagram pays attention to how many comments your photo recieves and decides how many people in your following to show it to based on your comments.

But when you are starting out, it can feel like you are hearing crickets more than encouragement from your intimate-sized audience. What you may not realize is that this is the perfect time to start a comment frenzy on your Instagram posts!

We’re giving you the scoop on how to get more people to thoughtfully comment on your Instagram posts, but be warned: it does take some work! We know you are up for the challenge. So let’s dig in!

Comment on other people’s Instagram posts

You may be thinking, “Wait… I thought this was about getting comments on MY Instagram posts, not someone else’s posts… what gives?” If you are only focusing on the engagement that is happening on your own posts, you are missing what makes Instagram so special!

One of the greatest ways to build a community on Instagram is to start conversations on your own. The “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t work too well when there are so many people on Instagram that are trying to get your ideal client’s attention.

If you aren’t getting the number of comments you’d like to see on your own posts, think about engaging with other followers first. You’re much more likely to see an increase in comments when you do a fair amount of commenting yourself.

Instead of waiting with baited breath to see if you get comments on your next post, choose 5-10 other Instagrammers that are in a similar niche and start regularly commenting on their posts. Once they see you pop up in their notifications feed multiple times, they have more of an incentive to start connecting with you on your own Instagram posts.

Post quality content over quantity

Let’s do a little experiment! Take out your phone and open your Instagram app. Look at the last nine images you posted along with their captions. As you read through them, honestly ask yourself if the caption and photo are engaging enough to where you would comment on it if it was someone else’s post.

This can be so eye-opening for many of us! It can be easy to get caught up in the rat race of Instagram when you get in a cycle of trying to post anything you can possibly think of just to get something on your feed.

That’s not where we want to be. Instead, you should be focusing on creating quality content that inspires a conversation. If you don’t feel like you’d reply back on one of your posts, why would someone else who doesn’t know you comment on it?

As you continue to create Instagram posts, think about what you can add to your caption to make the image even more engaging. Can you include a story from your latest vacation, share a witty caption that entertains your audience, or provide them with a tried and true tip for added value? Get creative!

Enlist a few friends to help you start conversations

Since Instagram is a community in itself, you are bound to find other creative entrepreneurs who are interested in increasing their comments, too. You can be proactive by creating a small group of Instagrammers who will commit to liking and commenting on each other’s photos.

Most people call this an Instagram pod, but it doesn’t need to be that formal either. You can either help each other by turning your notifications on for their feed updates, or you can create a private group message thread within Instagram where you can share posts.

Some people say Instagram pods can hurt your engagement while others say it helps it. Since Instagram hasn’t publicly stated how it affects your engagement, we think it’s best to comment on your friend’s posts organically without the group message to make sure you aren’t unknowingly hit by the algorithm.

If you are looking for friends who can comment on your Instagram posts and support you, our membership community could be perfect for you!

You’ll not only get access to hundreds of stock photos and caption prompts with our editorial calendars, but you’ll also be able to connect with other entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their influence and income with Instagram too! Seriously, you’ll want to check it out:

Ask a question at the end of your caption

One of the easiest ways to get your Instagram followers talking is to ask a question in your caption. Without a question, people who may have commented on your photo will end up scrolling past your photo after liking it because they didn’t know what to write.

When you place a comment in your caption, you start the conversation and share your thoughts first. This makes it easier for others to join in without having to pause and think about what they could comment on.

We like to add questions to our Get Found Stock Instagram because we want to engage with our audience! To us, it doesn’t make sense to post a photo without asking a question that our audience can freely answer. We love hearing your feedback on Instagram, so having a question in the caption is a must.

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How to Start getting Massive Amounts of Comments on Your Instagram Posts 3

Reply back on comments you already have

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we can’t tell you how many people wish they had more comments but don’t reply back on any comments they already get. If you look at Instagram as a place for engagement and conversation, it’s important to reply back once a person talks to you.

Aren’t you more likely to comment on a photo where the Instagrammer comments back? We sure are! When you are first starting out with your Instagram or you want to grow your account to become an influencer, this step is so crucial!

No one likes to feel like they are talking to a wall. When you don’t comment back, that’s kind of what it feels like. When you take time to comment back, you are continuing a conversation that will then grow into a friendship and connection.

Note that these efforts take time as you set your sights on massive Instagram growth. Any influencer can tell you that it doesn’t happen overnight, but while your comments are manageable, definitely take the time to reply back.

What tip are you going to test out this week? Let us know in the comments! And give us a link to your Instagram feed so we can give your posts some love!

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