How to Use Hashtags In 2020 to Power Up Your Instagram

Creating amazing content is obviously the best way to promote your business online. However, getting it seen can be a little tricky and is also the point. But how do you not only get your content seen with new eyes, but in front of the right ones? The ones who want your services and want to pay your prices?

Social Media engagement is key, but it is getting harder and harder to get your audience engaged with your content because with each websites algorithm they have made a secret social media handshake to see if your content is interesting or not. 

Part of this secret handshake has to do with the pound sign or AKA # hashtags. 

Between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest you need to use hashtags differently to make your post show up. Not only that, but you want to use the right hashtags so that your content gets in front of the right people. Those people we talked about above.

So introducing….

The Hashtag Bible. The ultimate hashtag guide. This will help you not only #getchosen but get you in front of your ideal client (check out my previous post to see how you can find these people).

In this guide not only will you be able to copy and paste over 300 tired and tested proven hashtags I use myself. But, I will tell you how and when to use them easily and quickly so that you are not spending all day turning phrases into one words.

Best Part is this gide is completely free but only until 

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity while it is FREE before the prices goes up to $30. 

Free Instagram Course​


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