How to Use Hashtags In 2020 to Power Up Your Instagram

Instagram Hashtags are either your greatest tool or worse enemy. Having a clear hashtag strategy will get your Instagram posts in front of your ideal client and target audience in no time.

Creating amazing content is obviously the best way to promote your business online via Instagram marketing. However, getting it seen can be a little tricky and is also the point. But how do you not only get your content seen with new eyes, but in front of the right ones? The ones who want your services and want to pay your prices?

Social Media engagement is key, but it is getting harder and harder to get your audience engaged with your content because with each insta algorithm change they have made a secret social media handshake to see if your content is interesting or not. 

Part of this secret handshake has to do with the pound sign or AKA # hashtags. 

BetweenTwitter,Instagram,Facebook, andPinterest you need to use hashtags differently to make your post show up. Not only that, but you want to use the right hashtags so that your content gets in front of the right people. Those people we talked about above.

How do hashtags work on Instagram

But first, let’s talk about how hashtags work on Instagram since they are so important! Since so many people are joining the site every day, there is a lot of competition in this social media site. If you do not think about this competitive environment, you could end up losing a lot of followers or Instagram users, to other accounts. You could also lose followers who are paying attention to your posts.

To change this reality, you must make sure that your account gets not only more followers but more impressions. The amount of impressions you get equals how solid of an Instagram profile you have and how many people see your content.

So how do hashtags actually work on Instagram? Some people just put random hashtags in their caption a lot of the time they are inside jokes with their friends or something funny. However those don’t help your Instagram photos and videos get more impressions or people seeing them. Now Instagram judges your content on how much people interact with your content. The more people that like, save, or comment on your post represents the more people Instagram will show your post too.

This is where a great hashtag generator comes in. These generators are great because they give you a list of hashtags that are currently being used by other users. So if you post something relevant to the trending hashtags, your content will be featured on all of the users who are using those hashtags.

A few of the best hashtag generators out there are : The hashtag generator generates related hashtags based on a keyword. You have 3 filter options to find the right hashtags you need. You can easily copy the generated hashtags with the copying button. I have not used this took but it is very interesting how you can generate instagram hashtags from writing a caption for your Instagram post.

Flick.tec is another great free tool. It does not give you as much information as the other websites but it lets you know if your hashtags are spam. 

All of these engines are great, but flick.tec is my favorite by far and I will talk more about it as I go on.

There are also tools that can help you choose the best hashtags for you to use on your posts. These tools are available for free but the best ones are generally the paid ones. If you are looking for a free tool that can help you in your quest for finding the best hashtags, then visit the website. This is a great resource for users looking for keyword research and social media marketing tips. Not only will they provide you with valuable information, but they also offer the easiest and fastest way to generate hashtags for your posts on Instagram.

how to use hashtags on Instagram

If you are new to the art of social networking, the first question you may ask yourself is “how to use hashtags on Instagram”. Yes, this is a question that will give you an idea about how popular this social media site is, and also how you can get your followers involved. If you follow the tips below, you can also use hashtags successfully and get a lot of social marketing success.

1.)Make sure you use 30 hashtags each time. 

There are different theories on this but I find that 30 hashtags if chosen well are your best bet.

2.) Use relevant hashtags. 

this goes not only for your Instagram posts but your Instagram bio. This will help your profile show up in more searches and will help with your Instagram SEO.

3.) look for niche or specific hashtags. 

Niche hashtags are a great way to get your foot in when you are just starting out on Instagram. These hashtags are very specific and have a low competition number making it so you for sure will show up in the top posts.

4.) Focus on hashtags with low competition.

 A lot of Instagram users fill their 30 Instagram hashtags with the most trending hashtags. This however is just setting yourself up for failure.

5.) Put your hashtags in your captions to hide them. 

 Let’s face it its a lot easier when you are writing out your Instagram captions to leave your hashtags in the caption so you can just copy and paste or schedule your Instagram posts out. However, hiding them in a comment bellow does a few things. It hides them so its does not take away from your post and it makes it so people can’t copy your hashtag strategy and compete with you.

6.)Put branded hashtags or hashtags you have made in the caption so you can create brand awareness.

 This will make it so more people will be aware of your brand but also so people can click it from your Instagram bio and all of those posts will show up. Which is great for people looking for your brands services.

7.) Search for top hashtags on Instagram.

 Flick.tec is great to fine-tune your hashtag strategy but if you start with a search for hashtags in Instagram you will have a better starting point.

8.) Don’t forget about Instagram stories! 

You can only put one hashtag on your story so make sure you choose a good one but you can get a ton of views and engagements this way. You can choose to make them larger or smaller depending on if you don’t want them to do and if you don’t want them to take away from your content.

9.) Stay away from spam hashtags. 

Instagram will ban you if you use certain hashtags so you have to make sure you check them out with one of then generator tools above. Flick.tec does a great job of doing this as well as keeping track of what hashtags you ranked the most on. 

So introducing….

. The ultimate hashtag guide. This will help you not only #getchosen but get you in front of your ideal client (check out my previous post to see how you can find these people).

In this guide not only will you be able to copy and paste over 300 tired and tested proven hashtags I use myself. But, I will tell you how and when to use them easily and quickly so that you are not spending all day turning phrases into one word.

This document has been composed with the free HTML editor which can be accessed here. Use it every time for document editing.

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Ready for fresh stock photos and Instagram captions?

Download now 15 days of FREE INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS waiting for your to copy and paste into your instagram feed. Plus 15 FREE STOCK PHOTOS instantly making your ideal client stop in their tracks!