A Visual Guide To Creating Awesome Instagram Content

Creating an instagram content strategy is the most important thing for your IG marketing. Getting your instagram posts and stories in front of your target audience has to do with a little more than the different photos and video choices you make. We are going to talk about the types of content, times to post, and branded hashtags. To get your potential customers or instagram users interacting with your instagram feed.

Times, they are a-changin’, and Instagram strategy is changing just as quickly.

What do you post on Instagram? When do you post? How do you keep up with comments and likes? What should your Instagram engagement rate be?

Instagram is constantly evolving and we know it can be a *lot* to keep up with, which is why we’ve decided to break it down for you!

Follow our tips on what to post, what to write in your caption, and how to engage your audience to create the best Instagram posts for your account!

What to post on Instagram?

Not sure what to post on Instagram? We’ve been there!

When you first create your Instagram account, it can feel pretty daunting. Do you need an Instagram theme? Do you want to create flat-lays? What about quote graphics?

You know you want to have a killer Instagram strategy but you don’t want to spend hours and hours figuring out what kind of content to create!

Have no fear! We’re here to tell you the basics of what you need to know about Instagram posts.

Your Instagram profile picture: Let your new followers see your beautiful face! Don’t be afraid to get personal in your profile photo with a headshot, or you can use your business’ logo instead. We’ve found that animated profile pictures with solid, bright backgrounds stand out the most!

What are good Instagram captions?

Now you’ve got the ‘what’ sorted out, let’s work out how to write the best captions for your Instagram posts.

Your Instagram images are great for curating a first impression but your Instagram captions are how you can really connect with your audience!

But, what do you write in your Instagram captions? Should you keep it short and sweet or go for a mini-essay? How do get more comments on your Instagram posts? And should you be using emojis?!

We’ll dive into what to write in your Instagram captions below!

Instagram caption length: Your caption lengths can vary from post to post but we’ve found that longer captions (of 6 words or more) perform best! So, aim for something between a tweet and a blog post – depending on the message you want to send and the level you want to connect with your audience.

Use keywords in your captions: Don’t forget to use SEO-optimized keywords in your copy so your Instagram posts show up in Google searches!

Increase engagement on Instagram: Engagement matters sooo much more than your follower count! Let’s get your Instagram engagement rate up by adding questions and call-to-actions at the end of your Instagramcaptions.

What to put in your Instagram bio: Write about what you do in a concise way and break up the text with emojis to add some personality! Learn more about what to include in your Instagram bio in this more in-depth blog post.

How to increase Instagram engagement?

All of this work going into your Instagram posts would be for nothing if no one sees them! We’ve got some tips for you to help you increase reach on Instagram as well as increasing engagement on your posts!

How to build a community on Instagram: After posting, you should interact with your audience by engaging with their posts, watching their Instagram Stories, and by sliding into their Instagram DMs. Learn about how to get more comments from Instagram over here.

Your Instagram post ‘likes’: Keep an eye on your like-to-follower ratio and how it affects your Instagram engagement rate. An average Instagram engagement rate is between 3% and 6% depending on your follower count. Use this engagement rate calculator to see what your average is.

What to comment on Instagram:  Not sure what to comment on other people’s Instagram posts? Don’t be like those spam bots that comment with 2-3 words! Be genuine and warm with your comments and try to make them more personal. Ask a question in response to their post or use their first name to show that you’re a real person!

Best replies for comments on Instagram: If you’re getting comments in response to your posts, that’s amazing! It’s best to reply to Instagram comments within the first hour of seeing them. Make sure your comment replies are super personal and engaging. Maybe ask a question or give advice – do whatever you can to keep the conversation going.

Best hashtags on Instagram: Hashtags will really help you increase your reach on Instagram. Increased reach = more eyes on your posts! The maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram is 30, but aim for 6-8 relevant hashtags and place them at the end of your caption (instead of throughout your post).

What tips are you going to start incorporating into your Instagram posts? Let us know in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!

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Ready for fresh stock photos and Instagram captions?

Download now 15 days of FREE INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS waiting for your to copy and paste into your instagram feed. Plus 15 FREE STOCK PHOTOS instantly making your ideal client stop in their tracks!