How to Create Consistent Social Media Content

Do you ever find yourself giving up on planning your Instagram content before you even try?

The procrastination struggle is real!

Even when you create a block of time in your calendar, sit down to write new captions, and open Planoly to reorganize your feed, it STILL doesn’t get done.

It’s not that you don’t have options.

It’s that you have too many options on what to post and when to post, so you end up not doing any of it.

Does this ring a bell?

It’s exactly what I was doing before I created my own Instagram editorial calendar.

How to Create Consistent Social Media Content 1Without a clear picture of the “why” behind my posts, I found myself kicking Instagram to the bottom of my to-do list. I did it even though I knew Instagram would be huge for the growth of my business and help me bring in new photography clients.

Even if I did manage to pull off creating an Instagram post and publishing it to my feed, I was immediately faced with “then what?”

The secret to killing it on Instagram is creating quality content on a consistent basis while regularly engaging in conversations with your audience.

I admit that sentence sounds great in theory, but how do you actually go about creating consistent content on Instagram, the kind that will help you grow not just your brand presence but your bottom line too?

Use and update an Instagram editorial calendar that’s strategic and keeps you focused.

With a content calendar, you’ll be much more likely to stay on track and actually create the quality content you need to publish in order to grow.

Now, the term “quality content” is thrown around a lot and is really up to interpretation, but who really decides the quality of your content is your audience.

The more you see followers thoughtfully commenting on your photos with their own stories and sharing enthusiastic “me too” statements, the more quality your content will have.

Create something that makes them want to join the conversation! This is helped by creating content ahead of time rather than trying to think of something witty, charming, or even halfway coherent in the moment.

Here are a few examples from Get Found Stock and my personal brand Instagram so you can see what I mean: 

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✅I have been a little quite on the gram the last few weeks because I am getting to launch an amazing new tool I hope will change all your lives and make it easier for you to not run into the problem I have faced off and on this year and create consistent content ✅If any of you noticed I didn’t post between Monday and Friday and each of those post were 🙄 muh. Not anything special because that’s how I felt! I had just gotten back from a trip in Portland to get more stock photos for you and came home to a bunch of content that needed to be created for my new site. Along with working with a developer and having to google 90% of his emails on why my shopping cart button would not work. ✅So when it came to Instagram I was just all 😖 no more can come out of my brain!! 🤯 •✅My content calendar had run out. I didn’t feel like I had anything other to share other then I feel like I am on this hamster wheel of creating blog posts and tweaking links on my site getting things perfect but it’s just not happening. •✅My content calendar ran out and I had major Instagram writers block. Something I want to elimination for you! •✅So next week stay tuned for my announcement of my new site @getfoundstock where for a low low monthly fee you will have access to a content creation community!! You will get monthly stock photos and EVERYONE gets 30 days of a premise editorial calendar. •✅More to come! Can’t wait to share with you guys!!! • • • • • #acolorstory #livecolorfully #myunicornlife #colorventures #flashesofdelight #makemoments #colorcolourlovers #darlingmovement #thehappynow #darlingweekend

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Do you ever wonder what makes people stand out on Instagram? On a 500 million person platform – it's easy to see why people can get lost in the sea of profiles. ✨ I definitely used to feel this way. I felt like all of my efforts were not going anyway – like A-N-Y-WHERE. 😱 I'd spend hours of my time trying to figure out what the heck I should post about and how to make Instagram work for me. 🤔 If you've ever felt this way, raise your hand.🙋🏼 ..You're not alone, we've all been there. 😉 . . . . #creativepreneur #creativityfound #dailyinspiration #darlingmovement #dowhatyoulove #dreambigger #femaleentrepreneur #femtrepreneur #flashesofdelight #forthandcreate #freelancedesigner #girlboss #goaldigger #gritandvirtue #growyourbusiness #handsandhustle #iamtheeverygirl #knowyourworth #ladyboss #lawofattraction #lifeasbe #livecolorfully #makeithappen #mycreativebiz #mycreativelife #oneofthebunch #pursuepretty #Risingtidesociety #savvybusinessowner #sayyestosuccess

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You want to let your followers know that they are valued, that they are welcome to share their own stories in the comments too.

As you continue to mix lifestyle content with your behind-the-scenes business content, you’ll be able to create a unique brand that no one else can copy. That’s what we’re all about at Get Found Stock!

But how do you build a powerful Instagram brand consistently without losing steam or running out of things to say?

When you’re not sure what to post next, your editorial calendar will help to fill in the blanks.

Your Instagram editorial calendar is simply a custom calendar of content that can be scheduled based on your Instagram layout.

Planoly is a great place to start since it helps you drag-and-drop your photos into a visual layout that works with your Instagram aesthetic, but this is just one step in the bigger editorial calendar process.

You still need to know what to write in your captions, how to use your hashtags, and how to shape your brand story so your copy actually leads to sales.

That’s where our Get Found Stock editorial calendar comes in!

Not only will you receive exclusive access to our Instagram strategy resource, BUT you’ll also get 30+ prompts (one for every day of the month) to help you write captions that are as stunning as your stock photos, which are also included in the membership!

You’ll never have to worry about what to talk about or how long it’s been since you shared a helpful tip or a personal story to help you connect with clients.

With our optimized flow of content prompts, you’ll be able to repurpose content like a boss and gain back hours of time without spending thousands on a social media manager

Want a sneak peek into the editorial calendar?

Click here to get yours!

Free Instagram Course‚Äč


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