How to install lightroom presets

Installing Lightroom presets is your first step in batch editing your photos and saving time and money! Presets were my saving grace when I was shooting weddings back to back, which is why I offer them for sale in the shop. To start it off right we have some free presets for you to try out importing into your own catalog.  If you stick through until the end of this blog post. These easy instructions will teach you How to Install Lightroom Presets into Adobe Lightroom in just 2-3 minutes. So you will be using your beautiful presets in no time! 

Free Lightroom Prests!!

Before we start, let’s make sure you’re using the correct version of Lightroom and which lightroom app your using. Adobe is constantly releasing new versions of their photoshop and lightroom apps that just slightly tweak some of the settings. On top of that, there are 2 versions of Lightroom for the record! Lightroom Classic or as I like to call it OG Lightroom and Lightroom cc or just Lightroom as adobe has rebranded it.

So to see which version of Lightroom you are using, go to help > system info on the menu, and that will let you know. Now that you know for sure which app you are using, let’s first talk about the difference between them. So you can make sure you are running the correct piece of software for your needs.

Lightroom cc vs. lightroom classic

Lightroom CC Vs. Lightroom Classic – How Can You Make Your Photos Look As Good As They Did in Lightroom Classic?

Now that Lightroom CC has been out for a while, it has become one of my favorite apps on my iPhone for editing photos. The big question is, can you make your photos look as good as in lightroom classic, which has more tools. 

And the short answer is yes you can. However, if you are organizing and editing large amounts of photos, you need to be using lightroom classic. 

So, if you’re wondering how you can tweak your Lightroom Classic images to make them look just as good as your Lightroom CC collection, you will be a master by the end of reading this!

My favorite thing about lightroom CC or now just Lightroom is being able to cull photos on my iPhone Max and easily export pictures for Instagram. What the biggest bummer is, though, is the ability to batch edit.

So if you are just editing a few photos for your Instagram or blog and what to see what it looks like on your phone before you export it, then this version is perfect for you. 

If you have 2000 photos you need to edit from different lighting situations and cameras, then you need to be using lightroom classic. After you select and cull your favorites down.

Installing presets

The big difference between the 2 is how you can import presets the easiest. There are several ways you can install presets, so I will talk about the most streamlined way to import presets on your desktop than on your mobile app. 

For the sake of clarity when talking about installing on the desktop, we are using lightroom classic. If you’re interested in learning how to sync your presets between these 2 editing beasts, then you can go straight to this article to learn how. 

They also take different file types, which is why I personally like to start and perfect my presets in lightroom classic. It uses .lrtemplate files, which can hold more data and details. Once you tweak the settings, you can worry-free, transfer them to lightroom mobile.

Desktop: (Lightroom Classic)

  1. Open Lightroom Classic. You will have fewer errors if you don’t have other applications running at the same time, but if you are like me, this is hard to do.
  2.  Go to the Develop Module
  3. On the left-hand side, go to presets and hit the + button.
  4. Select Import Preset
  5. Choose where your presets are stored. You probably have them in your downloads folder but don’t worry at the end of this process you will have them in a safe folder and can delete them from your downloads.
  6. Select the file you want. The most important thing to do here is to NOT select “Store Presets With Catalog.” You need to change this default setting in your preferences menu. The reason is ff you have multiple catalogs, your presets will not show up in additional ones.  

Now you have installed your presets and are ready to go!


Presets not showing up

 If, for some reason, your presets are not showing up, don’t worry! They usually show up after you restart Lightroom.

Presets won’t load

I have done this a bunch of times. You need to make sure that you EXTRACTED (opened) the zip file. If you only download the Zip file that won’t import into Lightroom, you have to open the zip folder and choose its sub-items.

How to install presets in lightroom mobile

All of our presets come with instructions and video tutorials to get you set up. The most exciting thing about our presets is that they can be installed in both lightroom classic or lightroom cc or lightroom mobile. 

I personally like installing bulk presets better with lightroom classic. But if you just bought the light and airy preset collection while sitting on the couch, you just need to import the .XMP files in the zip folder you downloaded

So for that reason, you need to know how to install Lightroom presets for your mobile device. The steps are pretty similar, but just in case I took some screenshots for your reference if you’re a visual person.

How to install presets in lightroom cc

  1. Select the edit icon. Or shortcut E.u003cbru003e

  2. Go down to the bottom of the toolbar and choose presetsu003cbru003e

  3. Once the presets are showing up, go to the top right-hand side and select the Icon.u003cbru003e

  4. Then select Import presets.

You got it!

Again if you have problems follow the same troubleshooting from above.

How to Sync Presets Between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile

Now, if you want to be a lightroom power user, you need to have your presets stored in both places. We set up the framework for syncing presets between the two apps above when you selected to not save the presets with your lightroom catalog. 

If you would like to go into more depth about how to do that, check out this blog post here that tells you how to set it up, so your prests are usable on both your mobile app and desktop app.

New to Presets? Start Here! 

Free Lightroom Prests!!

 Be sure to download some of our sample presets here! We love Lightroom so much that we want our whole community to be comfortable using it like the back of their hand. I have been using Lightroom for 14 years, so I have created all of these with a lot of thought and intension on how to streamline your workflow. So you can save time and have fun editing again! If you have any problems, let us know how we can help! 

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