Lightroom vs. Photoshop: Which One Is Better For Your Workflow

Image editing is no simple task! With all the apps out there the two biggest ones are adobe photoshop and lightroom. They both offer great image manipulation of your raw files. However, lightroom includes image management and while photoshop works with adobe camera raw, it specialty is image manipulation.

If you are just getting started with photography, blogging, or growing your Instagram account, the number of photo editing tools could make your head spin. You may have tried Photoshop Elements or some of the more basic image editors out there. But you need a clear understanding of what is out there even if you just need basic photo editing. 

If you think Lightroom or Photoshop are just for professional photographers, then think again! We will walk you through what editing app does, no matter what your pixel level is!

Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop photo editing programs can be used for many of the same photo editing tasks, but they are not the same.

The average beginner may not know what program is right for editing their photos. This guide breaks down the major differences between Lightroom and Photoshop to understand which photo editing software works best and some of the program’s pitfalls.

Taking the first steps to using Photoshop and Lightroom to edit images and photos is an excellent way for your websites or blogs to shine online.

First, you need to know some background behind these Adobe programs.

A Brief History of Photoshop and Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard photo editor used across many industries and professions, from photographers and graphic designers to animators and architects. This is because the program provides outstanding flexibility and sophisticated features. Adobe Photoshop started in 1988 as a photo editor in a software package sold by an image scanner company. Apple then purchased the license to distribute it in 1990. Photoshop soon became the industry standard and has remained since as its features improved.

Photoshop is now a full-scale image and graphic design software suite used for an impressive range of applications through consistent updates and plugins released by both Apple and third parties. Want to put multiple images to create a cinematic panorama? Make an object in a photo look taller or slimmer? Photoshop can do all of that and more. “Photoshopping” is part of our cultural lingo because the number of edited images we see online are created by the power of Photoshop.

First started in 2006,Adobe Lightroom is a digital photo editor that helps you collect your photos and edit them. This does not provide the same range of photo editing functionality as Photoshop, but it has the basic image processing software perfect for beginners.

While importing pictures, Lightroom lets you add more information for each image so that you can tag images with various keywords, flags, and star scores. This makes processing hundreds of images much easier. You can edit them selectively or in thousands at once, create collections, search for images, and upload the best images directly into your websites

You can even download and use free lightroom presets to add more flair or brightness to your images. From Bright and Airy and Luxe presets plus bonuses that include video tutorials and more presets for you to choose for your style and brand. They do make your workflow much easier to work with and help you save time and energy.

Long story short, Photoshop is a sophisticated tool to edit photos with Photoshop Actions that do take time to learn and may be disruptive to your workflow. Photoshop is also part of Adobe Creative Cloud collections, which is a paid subscription service. Lightroom is a fantastic tool to edit photographs easily with presets. The software is also much easier for beginners to grasp as compared with Photoshop. Let’s take a more in-depth look into each program’s capabilities.

Lightroom vs. Photoshop— In What Ways PhotoShop Is Better?

Photoshop is the perfect program if you want to use advanced techniques for image editing.

  • Advanced digital edits such as deleting an item from one of your images. Photoshop uses specialized tools such as the healing and patching tools for this type of editing. You can even edit down to the pixel level of an image.
  • Layer-based editing such as combining multiple images into one in Photoshop is much easier.
  • You can also create several other fun projects in Photoshop such as cinemagraphs, animated GIFS, 3D effects, and photorealistic mockups.

But here are some cons of Photoshop compared to Lightroom

  • With the amount of tools available in Photoshop, using Photoshop requires a steep learning curve, which is not ideal for someone starting out in photo editing.
  • Photoshop is not capable of photo management that can read images’ metadata and organize them for you.

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