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To your website, social media content, and overall branding

 but you’re sick of wasting so much time looking for the right pictures and taking your own photographs is waaay out of the question. 

You’re fed up of spending hours searching through free stock photo websites trying to find the perfect photo for your Instagram feed - only to post it and find that everyone else is using the same image as you already. 

Coming up with new content can feel like half the work of running an online business. You know you want to use images to share the value of your services but you’re not sure exactly how to do it without using the same pink flatlay desktops as everyone else. 

Let’s see where you’re at right now... 

Raise your hand if...

These growth hacks have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by teaching you:

You’re happy with your website copy but you need your visuals to match your vibe an you don’t have the photography ‘know-how’ you need to pull off a styled photo shoot of your own. 

You want to save time wherever you can in your business but you don’t have the budget to outsource all your images to a professional photographer. You need something more affordable. 


Get Found Stock is here to help you increase your traffic, leads, and income through our professionally branded and carefully handpicked stock photography. 

What is Get Found Stock? 

Get Found Stock is a stock photography membership site where you’ll get access to beautiful creative imagery, editorial calendars, and more so you can stop fussing around with your aperture settings and start telling your brand story through images that are tailored for creative entrepreneurs like you!

As a member you’ll get access to: 


Whether you’re choosing a photo for your Instagram feed or updating images on your website, you can choose exactly what you want from our ever growing library of stock photos across a variety of niches! All our photos are available with unlimited downloads so you can grab them at a moment’s notice and use them again and again! 


When you join Get Found Stock, you’ll be invited to our private Facebook Group so you can get extra support from Claire right from your phone (without moving a muscle)! There is no question too small and every tiny win is celebrated!


Each month, you’ll receive a PDF with 30 days’ worth of prompts to help you know exactly what to post each day of the month! No more staring blankly at your phone or Instagram scheduling tool wondering what on earth you’re going to post. No more posting aimlessly about any old thing that pops into your head at that moment. You’ll spend more time taking action on your Instagram than planning for it!


Need a little bit of extra accountability? We host monthly live group calls with Claire so you can ask any questions you want about Instagram, Pinterest, or how to best use your stock photos. If you can’t turn up live, it’s no problem! You’ll always be able to access the recording of the call.

When you join Get Found Stock, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and uninspired about your visuals to feel confident that your content attracts and draws in your dream clients. 

Sounds amazing! I want in!!

Want bonuses? You got them! 


inspire your audience in less time with our pre-made quote graphics for your IG posts and stories! 


so if you get around to taking any photographs of your own, you can edit them with a preset to create a cohesive Instagram feed  


created to give your pins the best performance possible  


to help you send more traffic from Pinterest over to your amazing blog content  


Personalised Instagram critique from Claire  

Before you’re... 

Fed up of spending so much time searching for free stock photo websites trying to find images that suit your brand

Hesitant to use the same images from the same stock photo websites that everyone else is already using 

Uninspired about posting on Instagram - you don’t know what images to use or what to post each day

Unhappy with your brand visuals across your website, blog, and social media platforms 

Once you’re in Get Found Stock... 

You’ll save HOURS searching for images as you’ll have unlimited access to our stock photo library at the touch of a button! 

You’ll be using original and creative imagery that looks bespoke to you and your brand! 

You find it super easy to post to Instagram every day with our done-for-you editorial calendar and personalised 

You’re confident in your online presence and love how your visuals draw in your dream clients! 

This sounds amazing! But, how much are we talking here?


$19 /MO

  • Unlimited downloads of our stock photos for you to use wherever you’d like 
  • Monthly content calendars for consistent posting on Instagram 
  • Personal feedback in our Facebook community
  • Monthly coaching calls with Claire 
  • 30 Lightroom presets Pre-made Instagram quote graphics Done-for-you Pinterest graphic templates
  • Invite to our Pinterest board 
Join Get Found Stock


$197 / YR

  • Unlimited downloads of our stock photos for you to use wherever you’d like 
  • Monthly content calendars for consistent posting on Instagram 
  • Personal feedback in our Facebook community
  • Monthly coaching calls with Claire 
  • 30 Lightroom presets Pre-made Instagram quote graphics Done-for-you Pinterest graphic templates
  • Invite to our Pinterest board 
  • PLUS: Personalised Instagram critique from Claire

What’s Next


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Level up your online presence by using our high-res photos on your website, Instagram, and Pinterest

Still Wondering?

This is for your if...

You want to save time searching for stock photos  

You have no idea how to take photographs for your website and Instagram that tell your brand story 

You want to post more consistently on Instagram but don’t know where to start or what to post

This isn’t for you if… 

You’d rather spend time searching for free photos to use than  

You’re happy spending time every week taking and editing your own images for your content  

You’re confident in your social media posts and don’t need to increase your leads or grow your community on Instagram


Claire Dobson

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Founder / Creative Director

Nice to meet you, I’m Claire Dobson. Single mom, photographer, and creative entrepreneur. 

From leaving an abusive relationship to being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus, I’ve learned the hard way to be mindful about the choices I make in life and business.

 I know how hard it is to juggle your time when you’re running a business, raising your children, and trying to live your best life - and I’m sure you can relate! - which is exactly why I wanted to help creatives like you save time wherever I can.


We’ve got answers.

HOW CAN I USE THESE PHOTOS? You can use these images on your website, social media channels and in freebies and courses you create. You cannot sell these images. You cannot use these images on your clients’ websites etc. unless they also have a membership.  

WHAT SIZE ARE THE IMAGES? Full resolution images so you can print them out and use for your branding.  

DO I NEED TO GIVE CREDIT WHEN USING THESE PHOTOS? Nope! You don’t need to give credit when using our images but it is always appreciated. Tag @getfoundstock when you share on social media so we can see what you’re creating!  

HOW DO I ACCESS THE PHOTOS? When you’ve signed up to Get Found Stock, you’ll be able to access any of our stock photos by adding them to your cart and downloading them for free.  

WHEN ARE NEW IMAGES ADDED TO THE LIBRARY? New images are added to the library each month.  

HOW MANY IMAGES CAN I DOWNLOAD? There is no limit on how many images you can download once you have started your membership.  

CAN I PAUSE OR CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION? Yes, just email and we can help you out.

CAN I STILL USE IMAGES AFTER MY MEMBERSHIP HAS ENDED? You can continue to use any images that you downloaded when you were a member for as long as you want to.  

WHAT IS YOUR REFUND POLICY? Because you get instant access to the images inside the membership, no refunds are given.  

WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND THE MONTHLY COACHING CALL? You will be able to access the recorded calls in your membership area at any time.