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Lightroom vs. Photoshop: Which One Is Better For Your Workflow

With all the apps out there the two biggest ones are adobe photoshop and lightroom. But here are some cons of Photoshop compared to Lightroom With the amount of tools available in Photoshop, using Photoshop requires a steep learning curve, which is not ideal for someone starting out in photo editing.


How to Create An Instagram Puzzle Grid

Level up your Instagram feed with learning to create an Instagram puzzle grid. If you are trying to come up with a substantial amount of Instagram Content then you might want to try making an Instagram puzzle grid. Resting a cell phone puzzle for Instagram of your friends and family has never been easier with no app purchases! You can design your own puzzle using canva for Instagram posts and to customize your puzzle. We even have one canva Instagram grid you can download for free here. So you will be able to create your own high-quality photo puzzle Instagram grid layout.

How to Optimize Photos For Web

How to optimize photos for web is something I wish I paid more attention to when I first started blogging or doing anything web related!. Large Images are the biggest factor that slows your website down! But the difference in web size is hard to perceive for many people viewing your site on different devices, and so you can reduce the quality slightly without losing the image quality.  All of our presets have sharpening built into them so you have one less thing to worry about.


How to add a watermark to photos

How to Add a Watermark to Your Photos in Lightroom You want to quickly and easily find a watermarking solution for that brand new digital product you don’t want someone to steal. Here are the easy steps to creating your own watermark for your images in Lightroom (if you want to know how to use my free Lightroom presets, we have another tutorial here!).


How to install lightroom presets

Installing Lightroom presets is your first step in batch editing your photos and saving time and money! Presets were my saving grace when I was shooting weddings back to back, which is why I offer them for sale in the shop. To start it off right we have some free presets for you to try out importing into your own catalog. If you stick through until the end of this blog post. These easy instructions will teach you How to Install Lightroom Presets into Adobe Lightroom in just 2-3 minutes. So you will be using your beautiful presets in no time!


2019 Pinterest Trends: My Predictions for Pinterest Growth

Stay up to date with the latest Pinterest trends of 2019. Stay ahead of the Pinterest algorithm so you can generate traffic to your blog for free!!! Make this year your best yet with Pinterest website traffic!! Remember when Pinterest was all about pinning your favorite Crockpot recipes and planning your next DIY home decor


Taking Instagram Connections Offline: What I’ve Learned

There are few things I love more than meeting Instagrammers IRL. A few minutes before I leave my house to meet them, I usually run around like I’m about to go on a date, making sure I don’t forget my phone and wallet. Then I start to over-obsess about how the conversation is going to


How to Overcome Writer’s Block for Bloggers

Learn how to How to Overcome Writer’s Block even if you are a new or begging blogger just starting your blog. You can learn how to deal with writer’s block. Selecting the perfect photo for your Instagram grid and designing your blog graphics is hard enough already. It gets even more difficult when you struggle

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